MyFeeds 2.8

A user suggested being able to set the default view in the article list. I thought it was a good idea, so I pushed out a quick update. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Improved article HTML rendering.
  2. New option to set Unread or All as default in article list view.
  3. App was crashing intermittently when editing properties of a feed - Fixed!
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MyFeeds 2.7

It’s been a while since I’ve released an update. MyFeeds 2.7 fixes some bugs and adds a new feature. Get it now! Swipe left and right in the Feed View to switch between displaying only unread articles or all articles. No need to go to settings and toggle hiding unread items when you want to re-read items. Added a menu item in the Article View to read the article using Instapaper instead of it being an option in settings. [Read More]

Changing Default Colors in Git and Posh-Git

Changing Default Colors in Git and Posh-Git
Git In Git, color.status.changed, color.status.untracked and color.branch.remote, default to red on normal (whatever your console background color is). This can be difficult to read. You can change them using: git config “foreground-color background-color attribute” ​For example: git config –global color.status.changed “yellow normal bold” git config –global color.status.untracked “yellow normal bold” git config –global color.branch.remote “yellow normal bold” Note that “yellow normal dim” will show up as white in PowerShell, so if you want to use yellow, you must also specify bold. [Read More]

MyFeeds 2.6

MyFeeds 2.6 is a quick bugfix. I had a number of reports on an OverflowException causing the app to crash. I was using Convert.ToInt32() to convert enclosure length from a string. I was storing it as a long anyway, so just needed to switch to Convert.ToInt64(). Bugfix - OverflowException while parsing some feeds with enclosures was causing app to crash. Fixed!   It has been certified and should be available within 24 hours. [Read More]

MyFeeds 2.5 Now Available

MyFeeds 2.5 is just a small bugfix release:

  • Fixed Null Reference Exception when navigating away from the Article Page.

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MyFeeds 2.4 Now Available

What’s new in MyFeeds 2.4? Option to allow download of podcasts on cellular network. Option to allow download of podcasts on battery power. Option to disable streaming of podcasts. Bug fix: certain feeds causing app to crash when adding or updating. Bug fix: Work-around for a Windows Phone 8 platform bug. This was causing the app to crash sometimes when accessing the local database. The work-around will prevent crashes, but sometimes data will not be updated. [Read More]

MyFeeds 2.3 Available Soon

I just received an email stating that MyFeeds 2.3 was certified in the Windows Phone Store. It should be available within the next day. This is a maintenance release.

  • Fixes crashes on Windows Phone 8 devices while feeds are updating.
  • Allows application settings to be reset to the defaults.
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MyFeeds 2.2 Now Available!

MyFeeds 2.2 has been certified in the Windows Phone Store. This release was mostly to fix a few crashing bugs. What’s new?

  • App is crashing when returning to the article view page from the browser - Fixed.
  • App is crashing on certain devices on initial startup - Fixed.
  • View in Browser now gives the option to browse the article using “Instapaper Text”.
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New CMS Software

My instance of Orchard crapped out on me a couple of days ago. I was hosting it on Azure and I think they updated to .NET 4.5 and the version I was using didn’t work with it. Tried updating a local copy of my site to the latest version of Orchard over the last couple of days with no luck. I figured since I was going to have to start from scratch anyway, maybe I should try out a different CMS. [Read More]