<P>Internet Explorer 7 is getting tabs. That's great! I really like the tabbed interface in Firefox. In <A href="http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2005/05/26/422103.aspx">this</A> blog entry, Tony mentions how Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer share code:</P>

Another example of what makes this challenging is that IE and Explorer windows share the same code for the frame and chrome (toolbars, menus, etc.), which means there are more code paths and different types of interactions with the hosted view (in this case, a ShellView) that were required to continue working after adding tabbed browsing to IE.

That got me thinking how nice it would be if Windows Explorer had tabs too. I always find myself with about 6 or 7 Explorer windows open after working on my PC for a while. It would be great to just have them all in tabs in one window. So how about it Microsoft, can we have tabs in Windows Explorer too?