In Git, color.status.changedcolor.status.untracked and color.branch.remote, default to red on normal (whatever your console background color is). This can be difficult to read. You can change them using:
git config  “foreground-color background-color attribute”
​For example:
git config –global color.status.changed “yellow normal bold”
git config –global color.status.untracked “yellow normal bold”
git config –global color.branch.remote “yellow normal bold”
Note that “yellow normal dim” will show up as white in PowerShell, so if you want to use yellow, you must also specify bold.


Git-Posh uses red as the default for GitPromptSettings.WorkingForegroundColor and GitPromptSettings.UntrackedForegroundColor. These are difficult to read as well. They can be changed by editing your PowerShell profile:
  1. From a PowerShell window, type: notepad $profile to edit your profile.
  2. Add the following lines somewhere after the #### end POSH-GIT config line near the end.
$global:GitPromptSettings.WorkingForegroundColor    = [ConsoleColor]::Yellow
$global:GitPromptSettings.UntrackedForegroundColor  = [ConsoleColor]::Yellow
You’ll need to restart PowerShell to see the change.