I re-installed Vista x64 (again). I'm posting this mostly as a record of what drivers I installed and in what order.

  1. Intel X3100 Video Driver
  2. Intel Chipset Support Driver
  3. Intel Matrix Storage manager Driver
  4. Intel PRO Wireless Adapter Driver
  5. ThinkPad Power Management Driver
  6. ThinkVantage Active Protection System
  7. Hotkey Driver
  8. Intel Turbo Memory Driver*
  9. Lenovo System Interface Driver
  10. ThinkPad Keyboard Customizer
  11. Tablet Button Driver
  12. MultiTouch Driver
  13. Registry Entry to Enable Device Initiated Power Management(DIPM) on SATA
  14. Registry Patch to Improve USB Device Detection on Resume From Sleep
  15. Registry Patch to Change IDLE IRP Timing by Fingerprint Reader Driver
  16. Registry Patch to Enable USB S3 Power Management
  17. ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software
  18. Bluetooth
  19. ThinkVantage Client Security Solution

While installing the Turbo memory Driver I got a blue screen. When the system rebooted, the Turbo Memory was installed, but ReadyBoost was disabled and ReadyDrive was pending. I have read that it is a little tricky getting them both turned on. I clicked the Enable ReadyBoost checkbox and was prompted to reboot. When the system rebooted, ReadyBoost was still disabled, so I enabled it again. The system rebooted and it was still disabled. I shut down the Turbo Memory Console and started it again and it showed ReadyBoost enabled and ReadyDrive still pending. I kept clicking on enable and after a couple of reboots they were both enabled.

The Fingerprint reader is working now, partially. I was able to register my fingerprints, and the password management software prompts me when I go to a website that needs a password. I am still unable to login to Windows with my fingerprint though. It tells me to swipe my finger, but it doesn't react. So, I am back to typing my password again. I'll keep messing with it for a while and post if I figure it out. In the mean time, if anyone knows how to get it working, let me know!

Update: One more reboot was all it took to get the Fingerprint Reader working for the Windows Login.