I’m getting pretty close on my 2.0 update to MyFeeds. I’ll be publishing a beta to the Marketplace soon.If you would like to participate, please join the mailing list and follow the directions in the welcome email. I could really use feedback on some of the changes I’ve made. Here’s a list of what’s new so far:

  • Live tile. Displays number of feeds with unread items on the front. On the back you can see how how many unread items there are.
  • Pin feed to start screen. Tile displays how many unread items that feed has.
  • Podcasts play using the background audio feature in Windows Phone 7.5. The app no longer has to be running to listen to podcasts!
  • Use checkboxes to select feeds and then mark as read/unread, edit, delete, etc. No more “tap and hold” to edit feeds, etc. The context menus are gone as well!
  • User can select how many feed items to keep. There is both a global setting and a per feed setting.
  • The update button now updates either the selected category or the selected feed, depending on which page you are on.
  • After you tap on a feed in the category page, the next page will now only display the feed you tapped on. You’ll have to hit the back button to select another feed. This change was necessary to conserve memory. The result is greatly improved performance.
  • Images are cached persistently. Once they download, they can still be seen when there is no Internet connection available. User can configure how many days to cache images.
  • Removed embedded browser and all links open in IE. With the lighter memory footprint, the app resumes much quicker when returning from IE now.
  • Improved loading time and better performance all around.
  • Feed data is stored in a database now and data will not become corrupt if the app shuts down or crashes while updating.


I’ve temporarily removed video podcast support. If this is something you really want, vote for it and other features at the MyFeeds UserVoice site!