It’s been a while since I’ve released an update. MyFeeds 2.7 fixes some bugs and adds a new feature. Get it now!

  1. Swipe left and right in the Feed View to switch between displaying only unread articles or all articles. No need to go to settings and toggle hiding unread items when you want to re-read items.
  2. Added a menu item in the Article View to read the article using Instapaper instead of it being an option in settings. The button will always launch the article in the browser now.
  3. Bug - Feeds with no title would cause the app to crash when paring the feed. Fixed!
  4. Bug - App would crash sometimes when launching an article in the browser. Fixed!
  5. Bug - App would crash while parsing feed from Fixed!
  6. Bug - App would crash sometimes when trying to get the currently playing track. Fixed!