So, I'd really like to get a bluetooth enabled wireless phone so I can check email, surf the web, etc. while away from home or the office. I currently have AT&T wireless and I think I would switch to another provider in order to get some kind of deal on a phone. But which company to switch to? So far, it seems like the only option in the Phoenix area is T-Mobile. I don't see any bluetooth phones being offered by Verizon, Alltell or Sprint. T-Mobile has two phones with bluetooth, the Nokia 3650 and the Sony Ericsson T610. The 3650 is about a year and a half old and the T610 is about a year old! What's going on? Where's all the technology we have been promised? The T610 seems like a pretty decent phone, but I'd really like something in a clamshell format. There's no way I would subject myself to the 3650's retro, bizarro keypad! Of course, if HP would just release the iPAQ 6300 series Windows Mobile Phone, I would be all set!