After just short of a month, my ThinkPad X61T Tablet PC arrived last week. So far, I am pretty happy with it. The first thing I did was create the recovery discs and then flatten it. It came with Vista Ultimate 32 bit. I installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I found this guide on doing a clean install on ThinkPads. It worked well and I am now running Vista 64 bit.

Why do I want to run 64 bit? Well, I installed 4 GB of RAM (max supported by the hardware) and I want to make use of all of it. I also plan on running virtual machines on this laptop. I'll run at least one VM for work because our VPN solution doesn't support Vista yet :(

So, what's the hardware configuration?

  • Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 (1.6GHz, 4MB L2, 800 MHz FSB)
  • OCZ 4GB PC2-5400 DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz SODIMM (2 DIMM)
  • 12.1" MultiView + MultiTouch WVA XGA TFT (1024 x 768)
  • 200GB SATA 7200 RPM Hard Drive with Hardware Disk Encryption
  • 1GB Intel Turbo Memory
  • ThinkPad X6 Tablet UltraBase w/ 8X Dual Layer DVD Recorder
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 4965AGN
  • X60 8 Cell Li-Ion Battery

Lenovo is having a sale right now if you want to order one. (No, I don't get any kick-backs from them!)

More to come after I play with it some more!