</p>Well, I finally did it. I went out this past weekend and bought a <a href="http://markpit.com/blog/ct.ashx?id=be45795a-e05e-4668-9513-9ad088d2e0b2&amp;url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.tivo.com" _base_href="http://markpit.com/blog/">Tivo</a>.

I have been talking about building either a MythTV box or a Windows MediaCenter box for quite a while now. I finally decided to just spend the $200 and get an 80 hour Tivo Series 2 instead. A lot cheaper than building a PC and it really does what I want anyway. Record TV, display photos and play MP3s. I had a gift card from Best Buy, so I bought it there. I originally bought a Linksys  USB200M 10100 ethernet adapter. It worked fine, but my network setup didn’t seem to work right. I have a Linksys WRT54G in my computer room. I tried putting my old Linksys BEFSR41 router in my entertainment center and I plugged in a Linksys WET11 (802.11b/Ethernet bridge) into the WAN port. I assigned a different subnet to this network. The Tivo was able to connect to the Tivo service through the network, but it was unable to see my PC running the Tivo desktop software. When I just plug the wireless bridge into the USB ethernet adapter it works fine and detects the music and photos I shared on my desktop. So, I decided to take the ethernet adapter back and get a Netgear WG111. It is a USB 802.11g adapter. My Tivo is still running the 5.3 version of the software. I requested an update to 7.1 and I am still waiting for it. Unfortunately, since I took back the USB ethernet adapter, I have to use the phone line to contact the Tivo service. I don’t have a phone jack near the Tivo, so I have been stringing a phone cable across the room at night and then unplugging it in the morning. Hopefully the 7.1 update will happen soon! One issue though is that Tivo says only the WG111 V1 will work, but I have a WG111 V2. I read some posts on different blogs that some people have had luck using the V2. I’m crossing my fingers!