So, I finally got an iPod about a month back and I have been looking at different ways of listening to it in the car. I tried the Griffin iTrip. It is a pretty slick device, but I had two problems with it:

  • I live in Phoenix, so it is difficult to find a station that is not in use or doesn’t have interference from nerby stations.
  • I have an iSkin eVo2 silicone cover on my iPod. It is just thick enough to cause the iTrip to pop up out of the headphone jack.
Now, the iSkin website says you can use the iTrip with the iSkin on, but don’t believe it! It will plug in and it works, but then after a few seconds it will pop up just enough to disrupt the connection. Since I wanted to keep my iPod protected and I like the iSkin eVo2, I decided to take the iTrip back. I thought about getting another FM transmitter, but I couldn’t find very favorable reviews of ANY of them.

Now what?!? Well, I decided to take a look at the manual for my receiver. I have a Kenwood KDC-316S. It’s an AM/FM, CD player. It also has the ability to control and take input from a Kenwood CD changer. It has a plug on the back with a bunch of pins. I looked around on the web to see if there were adapters available for 18” miniplug or RCA jacks. I found one at Discount Car Stereo made by Precision Interface Electronics. It has two RCA jacks on one end so I took an RCA - 18” miniplug cable I had laying around and plugged it in. I put some duct tape around the connectors so they don’t vibrate loose and tucked it all behind my car stereo. The miniplug end feeds through an open space under the dash and I just plug it into my iPod. The sound is great, much better than the FM transmitter ever sounded!