Check out Jeffrey Palermo blogging from the middle of a war! He is in the Army Reserve and has been in the middle east for the past year. I was in the Marine Corps Reserve in the early 90s and served in Operation Desert Storm. I would have given anything to be able to bring a laptop along and get on the Internet to talk to family back home. It just wasn’t available. I think it is pretty cool that he is able to talk to his wife on a daily basis. That has to make it a lot easier on her. I wasn’t married at the time (I was only 21), but I know it was a rough time for my parents because most of the time they didn’t know if i was OK or not. Oh and before anyone says anything like “how can this guy have time to be on the Net during a war?” believe me, even in the middle of a war, there is a LOT of downtime and that is probably some of the most difficult time to get through. Way too much time to think, much better to keep busy! Anyway, thanks for doing your duty Jeff, keep your head down and get home safe next week!