So I recently switched my email from Google Apps for Your Domain to Windows Live Hotmail. The main reason I did it is because getting mail from Gmail on my Windows Mobile phone was painful. I was trying to use POP3 and it worked for a while, then eventually it stopped. It just wouldn't download the messages. Then when Gmail started offering IMAP access, I tried that too. It downloaded the messages, but most of the time they showed up blank. So, when I saw that Windows Live Hotmail supported Windows Mobile 6 directly, I decided to try it out. It works very well. I receive messages in almost real time.

I installed the Windows Live Mail desktop application. I figured it should work really well with Windows Live Hotmail. It did at first. I was able to move messages to different folders and it mirrored those changes in the web version of my folders. Then that stopped working. I move messages from the inbox to an "archive" folder and they move in the desktop app, but not in the web folders.

Soon after I started having problems moving messages, I stopped receiving mail completely in the desktop app. I now get this error message:

Server Error: 5102
Server Response: timedout to ip
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00002

I'm not really sure what to do about this. I was really looking forward to all the integration I was going to get by moving my email and contacts to Windows Live.