</p>I decided it was time to stop using the SVEASOFT firmware on my Linksys router. <a href="http://markpit.com/blog/ct.ashx?id=7a751c18-8b99-490d-8883-77612bd46b06&amp;url=http%3a%2f%2fslashdot.org%2f%7eTheIndividual%2fjournal%2f" target="_blank" _base_href="http://markpit.com/blog/">I'm not real keen on some of the things I have heard about the people behind it</a>. So, I decided to install <a href="http://markpit.com/blog/ct.ashx?id=7a751c18-8b99-490d-8883-77612bd46b06&amp;url=http%3a%2f%2fsourceforge.net%2fprojects%2fwifi-box%2f" target="_blank" _base_href="http://markpit.com/blog/">Wifi-Box</a> instead.

I made one crucial mistake though. I forgot to reset to factory defaults before flashing the new firmware. Once the upgrade was done, I could no longer access the router through the LAN ports. The weird thing was that I could access it through the WAN port! The WAN port had taken the address, which is normally what the LAN side is set to. I telnetted in and looked at the nvram settings and noticed a bunch of old settings from the SVEASOFT firmware and realized what had happened. I tried holding in the reset button for 30 (and even more) seconds. That didn’t seem to help. Then I found a website describing a way to truly clear the nvram here. It involves opening the router and shorting two pins on the flash chip, so it is not for the feint of heart. Well that seemed to do the trick, I was then able to TFTP the official linksys firmware back on the router and everything worked. Then i went ahead and flashed it with the WiFi-Box firmware. The main reason I want to use this firmware is so I can use MRTG to do some monitoring and this firmware provides SNMP.